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Why Join Our Affiliate Program?

The affiliate program at offers a smart and simple way to increase the profitability of your website. We know that there are thousands of affiliate marketing programs out there looking to advertise on your site. But our program is different. For one thing, our product is unique and targets a niche audience that is extremely dependent on web marketing. And we offer a commission of 20- 25%,  far more generous that most of our competitors. provides web marketing services to criminal attorneys and law firms from around the country. This is a demographic that depends on web advertising. They are only too aware that criminal defendants and their families are using the internet every day to find legal help. In fact, in many cases, the internet is their only viable means of finding an attorney. Our customers are always looking for simple ways to expand their web presence, and offers them the solutions they need to do so efficiently and affordably.

If you’re looking to make more money from your website, seriously consider joining the affiliate program offered by We make the process easy, and within just weeks your website could be far more profitable than it is today. Don’t hesitate! Read on to learn more about all of the ways can help turn your website into a money maker.

Why Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is probably one of the most efficient ways to start making money from your website. For one thing, you don’t have to come up with your own product to sell. You just need to connect buyers with sellers by allowing a vendor to advertise directly on your website. You receive a commission for any sale that results from a referral from your site.  Some of the advantages offered by include:

  • Cost-effectiveness: You won’t need to hire any new employees to handle our affiliate program, and you don’t need a physical business address.
  • No Fees: We pay you a commission on every sale your site generates for You pay us nothing.
  • Customer support: We deal with our customers directly, from initial sales calls to customer support down the road.
  • Passive income: Our affiliate program allows you to access a steady flow of income even when you are not sitting in front of your computer.
  • Work from home: Actually, you can operate our affiliate marketing program from any computer, anywhere, including your home.

The key to successful affiliate marketing is to provide visitors to your site with access to unique products and services they will want. That’s exactly what you’ll be doing if you become an affiliate marketer with

We Make It Easy

At, we make affiliate marketing easy by offering all manner of ready-made creative copy, including text links and banner ads, which you can place on your website to immediately direct traffic to When interested visitors click on these links, you’ll be paid a commission upto 25% depending which type of Commission Tier you select. You really have nothing to lose!

If you’re interested in joining our affiliate program at, please fill out the Affiliate Application Below. Your website will be more profitable in no time!

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