Web Marketing for Criminal Defense Lawyers

If you are like most criminal defense attorneys, you’re passionate about what you do. You thrive when you’re in the courtroom, working to ensure that the rights of the accused are upheld at every step in the legal process. You would much rather be fighting for clients than spending endless hours trying to market your services on the web. Still, running a criminal defense law firm is a business. And like any business, your practice won’t grow unless you are able to connect with potential clients.

Fortunately, web marketing for criminal defense attorneys doesn’t have to be an ordeal.  Our highly specialized Web Marketing Platform, which is a hybrid between a website, legal directory and blogging platform, doubles your chances of getting more clients via the internet. For More Information, Please Call:  516-761-3877 


Criminal Defense Lawyer Web Marketing – The CDLL Difference


We do things differently from the other Legal Directory websites. They all operate pretty much the same way, with each firm granted a page or two on which they can tout their legal services. While this type of generic information is somewhat helpful, it’s usually not enough for the end-user to make a decision as who to call, nor do these directories give you the ability to optimize your content for each practice area.

Think about this. Most criminal defense firms have at least 10 practice areas ( drugs, violent crimes, DUI / DWI, etc) yet nowhere in other Legal Directories are you given a dedicated page for each practice area, to illustrate what makes you different from your competitors. If a visitor is looking for more detailed and specific information about your practice areas, they won’t find it on one of these sites, but they will find it on CDLL.

We Take a Different Approach Than Virtually Every Other Legal Directory!  By Giving You a Page For Each Practice Area PLUS Verdicts and Settlements,  Firm Bio’s and  Testimonials, a Potential Client Can Get a Better Feel About You and Your Firm and Unlike the Other Legal Directories Your Pages Can Be Search Engine Optimized For Better Rankings in Google*


Easy to Use Starter Templates or Customized Content? The Choice is Yours!


Our team of copywriters has already created high-quality starter templates that you are strongly encouraged to modify for your specific audience for each of your practice areas, including, but not limited to:

  • Arson
  • Bank Fraud
  • Bad Checks
  • Computer Crimes
  • Credit Card Fraud
  • DUI / DWI
  • Drug Crime Defense
  • Juvenile Crimes
  • Sex Crimes
  • Shoplifting Defense
  • White Collar Crimes
  • Violent Crimes
  • Guns and Weapons Offenses
  • Domestic Violence
  • Vehicle and Traffic Offenses
  • Fraud Crimes
  • Hate Crimes
  • Forgery
  • Possession of Stolen Property

If you list your firm with us, you’ll also have access to starter templates for additional pages, including “Verdicts and Settlements,” “About Us,” and “Testimonials.”  The templates give you a starting point, to which you can modify for your firm’s specific details and add information that you believe a prospective client would be interested in knowing.

Should you desire a more custom approach, our writers are ready now to create custom content pages for any – or all – of your practice areas.

An Affordable Web Marketing Solution For Criminal Defense Lawyers

At criminal-defense-lawyer-listings.com, we can host a basic listing package, which includes five practice areas, for just $100/month. If you want to learn more about our basic package, or if you’re considering a more customized approach, Please Call Us For More Information at  516-761-3877.  Don’t wait another day to start connecting with your potential clients on the web! Reach out to criminal-defense-lawyer-listings.com now to learn how easy it can be to grow your criminal defense practice!



*SEO is  provided as a service by Criminal Defense Legal Listings for an additional cost.